The school has achieved 87th All India Rank 2017-18 in academic excellence.
School Timing: 7:55 AM - 2:20 PM
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·         Sanskriti  Saran X E got 1st position in state level and 4th position in Olympiad

·         Tushar Khokhar of XI A got 1st in state rank and 11th position in Olympiad

·         Nikita of XI a got 2nd position in state rank and 13th position in Olympiad

·         Luvya Nagpal of XI A got 3rd position in state level and 16th Olympiad rank

·         Jatin Narwal of IX A got 9th position in state,

·         Megha Runga of class VII D got 10th position in state,

.        Arav Bansal of class VI D got 11th position in state level