The school has achieved the All India rank of 108 as per "The Learning Point" among "Top CBSE Schools Based on Exam Results of 2016.
School Timing: 7:55 AM - 2:20 PM
The school conducts multihued spectrum of club activities which amalgamates in itself various creative events, displaying the creative acumen of young Bagrodians. Activities conducted in various clubs reflect the keen learning and progress that the students make in the chosen arena of activity. These clubs provide a wonderful opportunity and platform to students to churn their creativity in the chosen domain and showcase their learning through various activities. School has broadly categorized various clubs which lay focus on different aspects of skill and creativity. Here is a glimpse of multihued activities conducted throughout the year.

Eco Club: Debate and discussion on issues of contemporary relevance are conducted.  Posters, animal mask making and collage are made to sensitize the students about endangered animals. The school celebrates Earth   day through a plethora of fun filled activities such as Movie show, slogan writing, collage making on ‘Climate Change – the point of no return’.  T-shirt painting on ‘Don’t break it, be careful’,, poem composition by students on ‘The needs of this ailing planet – Earth’. Eco Week is dedicated to sensitize the students with a need to be aware of the consequences of Global warming etc.

Hindi Debating Club: This club provides a forum for students by organising debates so that they can develop their oratory skills in Hindi.

Hindi Dramatic Club: Students are informed about dramatic skills they need to hone and chisel.Several skits and plays are taken for enactment. Students enact the Plays based on mythological stories enthralling everyone with their skill and acumen.

English Debating Club: This club furbishes a wonderful opportunity to students to gain command over oratory skills by informing them about the nuances of the art of debating.Debators speak for and against on the given topic for debate which enables them to own their debating skills.

English Dramatic Club: The society depicts a glimpse into classic Shakespearean Plays and students with their enthusiastic performances represent the Shakesperean era.

Physics club: Students are taught the interesting and intricate concepts by tests and experiments.So they learn through simple activities and practical experience.

Chemistry Club: Students learn to detect the adulterants , preparation of silver mirror etc. Demonstrations are done to show that air occupies space. Here students get a chance to practically understand the knowledge they have acquired in theory classes to give them hands on experiences.

Biology Club: Interesting activities are conducted to make students learn about various botanical concepts. They are taught to do the food test and check adulteration in eatables. Students are also taught about emulsification in oils.

Music and Vocal Instrument Club: Students practice singing the ‘Ragas’ and the ‘Swars’ . They learn to play it on various instruments like Tabla, Casio, Veena, harmonium etc.

Art and Craft Club: Students learn and create various artistic creations like 3D cover, pattern work, glass painting, Sun making 2D figures on card board etc.

Gymnastic Club: Club aims at physical fitness of students .Students are taught about athletic-Start, elongated start etc.

Yoga Club: Students are taught various 'yogic asanas' and mudras like Tadasan, vajrasan,chakrasana, goumukh asana etc.

Nature Club: This club aims at spreading awareness amongst students related to environment. Different activities are conducted to meet the aim like designing posters & charts depicting the need to conserve environment and writing slogans on bounties of nature.

G.K Club: This club conducts quiz, talk shows and discussions to keep students abreast with issues of national and global importance. This year topics like IPL ania,M Boston Attack, Indo Pak issues were taken for comprehensive discussion.

E-Com Club: Various issues related to economy of country are taken up for quiz and group discussions.

Absolute Club: This club organises activities to sharpen the mathematical skills and acumen of the child, games like Humbola  are often played to encourage students to do fast arithmetical calculations.

Cyber Club: Students are taught various latest aspects of computer, its tools and technique like creating PPT and HTML web page etc.