The school has achieved the All India rank of 108 as per "The Learning Point" among "Top CBSE Schools Based on Exam Results of 2016.
School Timing: 7:55 AM - 2:20 PM
A project is a collaborative enterprise carefully planned to achieve certain defined aim. N.K. Bagrodia, Dwarka provides a platform to its students to undertake various projects to enhance the social, academic & intellectual skills of the children. This arouses creativity & a spirit of inquiry in children & provide them with in – depth knowledge of the content/ subject. Multifarious projects have been undertaken by children to explore new horizons:


Activities taken up in classes:-
  1.     Role Plays
  2.     Collage Making
  3.     Greeting card making
  4.     English song singing
  5.     Poster Making
  6.     ‘As You like it’
  7.     Menu Card and Diet Chart Designing
  8.     Model and apparatus making
  9.     Growing fungus
  10.     Kitchen Chemistry
  11.     Paper folding for geometrical concepts
  12.     Vedic mathematics
  13.     Clock Revolutions
  14.     Paper cutting and pasting for geometrical concepts
  15.     Sudoku
  16.     Talent Hunt
  17.     Cultural Fest
  18.     Workshops on career counseling
  19.     Workshops on Personality Development
  20.     Magic Show
  21.     Puppet show
  22.     Theatre in Education and a variety of concept building activities.