The school has achieved 87th All India Rank 2017-18 in academic excellence.
School Timing: 7:55 AM - 2:20 PM
Life Skills
In this diverse world unity absorbs all the diversities. A common value system helps to create an identity that bonds people together. The values of team work, unison with nature, expression of creative self, leadership, civic sense, protection of our heritage are reinforced through the medium of various activities that are undertaken in the class.
We have already integrated teaching of life skills with the teaching of curriculum. Students give vent to their innovative selves through various programme designed for them.
The Ten core Life Skills as laid down by WHO are being taught:
1. Self-awareness                                        2. Empathy
3. Critical thinking                                    4. Creative thinking
5. Decision making                                     6. Problem Solving
7. Effective communication                       8. Interpersonal relationship
9. Coping with stress                                  10. Coping with emotion
 The above said life skills are being taught through various programmes as mentioned below:
Value Education.
  • Communicating and negotiating safer life situations.
  • Respecting Rich Cultural Heritage.
  • Self Defence Programmes
  • Adolescence Education Programme
  • Physical & Mental Health Awareness
  • Social skills & etiquettes workshops
  • Personality Development & Communication skills.
Community Reach Programmes : The school lends a helping trend to the community at large by conducting various programmes. Time to time , where prominent personalities participate in union with the students.
  • Cleanliness Drive
  • Caring & Sharing Week
  • Gardening/Shrmadaan Acitvity
  • Environmental Awarenessprogrammes.
  • Donations for Charitable institutes
  • Visiting Orphanages, slums and old age homes.
  • Sensitizing masses about Traffic Rules
  • Taking out ralliesfor clean neighbourhood, say no to crackers etc.