The school has achieved 87th All India Rank 2017-18 in academic excellence.
School Timing: 7:55 AM - 2:20 PM

The school believes that every individual is a learner throughout his life. The school has a spacious and well equipped Computerized Library constructed in the area of 6.70 x 8.7 + 15.70 x 5.10  sq mtr. encompassing a large stock of books including Encyclopedias, Fiction, Reference Books etc.It encourages to have a reading bent in every students.The school subscribe to a number of dailies, magazines and journals. The school has also introduced the system of class room library from class Pre-School till class III. It caters to the needs and demands of students of all age groups.

Total number of books available in the school Library are 14315
Total number of Periodicals available in the school Library are 30
Total number of Reference Books available in the school Library are 9820
An efficient Librarian caters to the needs of the students 'Quest to Learning'.
Issuing books and circulating them amongst the students so as to maintain reading habits is the prime aim of this Resource Centre. The school library has internet facilities on all the 6 computer systems which is accessible to both the students and teachers alike.